Attacks Against Indian Students…

21 06 2009

Racism Motivated Bashings in Australia…this by far has to be the biggest load of poo ever colloborated into a news story.

Okay, there is no denying the fact some attacks may have happened, but by whom and with what motivation..we dont know. But the assumptions that have been created by the media are…frankly speaking…not true. Here is the low-down on whats really happening..Down Under.

Indian ‘students’, obviously, originate from India. The come from all different parts of the country, and come to Australia through the means of Student Visas. As they are studying in Universities in Australia, they do not hold previous degrees or professional experience. In recent times, Australia has opened up its shores to particular professions periodically. Between 1995-1998, Lawyers were favoured..2000-2005 was the time for Doctors and Medical Therapists and 2006 onwards, there has been in increased need for vocational jobs, such as in the Piloting, Hospitality and Animal Handling. It should be pointed out that Piloting, Hospitality and Animal Handling are vocational jobs, not PROFESSIONAL, and have minimal educational requirements. (IELTS 5 and no schooling pre-requisites) Before 2004, there were under 5000 Indian students and this number has risen to over 40,000 in 2008.

A majority of Indian students are studying vocational courses, and continue to do so one after another to either stay within Australia to work part time, or until they forge an illegal relationship to gain Permanent Residence. Working part time (at night) on the other hand, due to the exchange rate, will place them in financially profitable situations back home, to equalize the money they spent to travel abroad. They generally work over 10 hours to make more money, which is illegal; to be employed or work in excess of 10+ hours if not a PR. As these students are in financial constraint, they do not stay in the wealthiest parts of town. Possibly owning laptop computers and Ipods, walking home from work at night is not the smartest idea in these shady areas is not the best idea.

This excerpt is taken from the leading Australian newspaper, aptly named The Australian, which states that there have been, 10 attacks on students of Indian Origin within the 6 months. Comparatively, there have been 240 attacks in similar situations on people of predominantly Caucasian ethinicity. This goes to say that any attacks, which have been called ‘racially motivated’ by media channels are either there to stir up people, or are on crack. for further reading…

Also, in a comparable situation, Indian’s working as taxi drivers all around Australia are being criticised, which is completely justified…as in their line of duty, they are over-charging passengers, breaking traffic rules and misbehaving of customers (specially females). A fine example of this is when an Indian Student driver ran over two men in downtown Brisbane in May. He was doing 150 km/h and driving under the influence of alcohol. Turns out, he hadn’t even passed his driving licence course yet. One of the men died on the scene, while the other is in serious condition. Gurwinder Singh, 22, another man who faces charges for leaving 3 people dead and orphaning a 12 year old girl. Both men weren’t even able to speak coherent English, let alone communicate with Federal Police after being arrested.,,24438475-2862,00.htm for further reading….

When in Rome… summarise..anywhere in the world..whatever race, colour and country you originate from…you are going to experience racial slurs sooner or later. But seriously…labelling a country “RACIST” over 10 attackssmart move NDTV… These students are non-professional, unethical and seriously mistaken. When in as the Romans do… If these individuals are so overly zealous about their nation, and are proud about their cultural heritage, Why come abroad? Why not stay in India? One does not travel to a country in search for a life, and go on to criticize that very country for your own shortcomings.

This is not advocacy of Racism. Racism should be condemned. But look deeper, isnt there racism everywhere? In India itself, there is Racism between the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western States and Territories. Isnt there racism between Punjabi’s, Marathi’s, Tamil’s, Gujarati’s and pretty much everyone? What would you say to that?

But seriously, if you get attacked anywhere…should you not have the balls to protect yourself? Maybe thats why these guys didnt have their ‘girlfriends’ beside them in hospital. All this hype is unwarranted, uncalled for and a load of crap.

Plus…I wouldn’t mess with these guys…



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