Guys You’re Allowed to Have A Man Crush On…

21 06 2009

Even the manliest man should not be ashamed to have a man crush. It’s not a sexual thing; it’s an admiration thing, but it goes a little further. A guy develops a man crush when he dreams about hanging out with the person, getting beers with them and punching each other in the shoulders. He starts to model himself after his man crush, mimics certain personality traits, buys shoes and colognes that the crush endorses, and may even fantasize about being that person.

The important thing to remember when choosing a man crush is to pick someone timeless. Picking some MTV flavor of the week will only result in disappointment when the guy develops a mescaline addiction and disappears to Mexico. That kind of man crush will make a grown man look like a pie-eyed schoolgirl. A man crush needs to be good looking, but not overly so. He needs to be masculine and a little dangerous. Anyone who was ever in a boy band need not apply, its gotta be a chronic badass.

So, here are the top contemporary guys you’re allowed to have a man crush on.

Christian Bale

Beginning his career from Spielbergs Empire of the Sun, this guy you’re allowed to have a man crush on went on to establish himself has one of the best cult actors of his generation. Bale’s unmatched performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is alone enough to make him a top man crush. Now, he’s the best Batman of all time. If we were all still living in nomadic tribes, that alone would make him the dominant male of the pack

Georges St-Pierre

In the US, Canadians are known as laid-back maple syrup lovers…GSP will put you in a rear naked chokehold for that comment. The 27 year old Ultimate Fighter Champion is considered one of the top three “pound-for-pound” fighters in the world. What guy doesn’t dream about sending ‘that irritating dude’ down to the ground with a epic right hook? Looking like a younger, tougher Jean-Claud Van Damme, St-Pierre can beat the shit outta Brock Lesnar, any day, any time. This undisputed Welterweight Champion has a long career ahead of him.

Bear Grylls

A former United Kingdom Special Forces trooper, the star of Man vs Wild shows viewers how to survive on elephant crap in the woods…and still manages to look good while doing it. He’s an adventurer at the highest level: mounting Everest; and he survived a 35000 ft drop from a fighter jet. Damn. Guys love him because he can handle any situation, whether it’s kicking someone’s ass — he’s a second-degree black belt (Dan) in Shotokan karate — or kite skiing in Antarctica. That’s macho raised to power 5 and makes him one of the guys you’re allowed to have a man crush on.

Man Crush

George Clooney

Clooney is a movie star with timelessness about him. He could be Rita Hayworth’s leading man as easily as Renee Zellweger’s. A guy’s guy living in a Hollywood that pushes Zac Efron clones, Time magazine has named George Clooney The Last Movie Star. He doesn’t dye his hair; he drives a motorcycle; he doesn’t go on fad diets; he grows a beard from time to time; he cares about charitable causes and politics without sounding preachy; and he dates Hollywood starlets and Las Vegas cocktail waitresses alike. Men love him because he wears stardom as easily as he wears a black cotton T-shirt and that, by far, makes him one of the top guys you’re allowed to have a man crush on.

Daniel Craig

….Enough said. Star of the highest grossing James Bond film Casino Royale, Craig definitely has to be the most hardcore bloke on the street. Nay…lets call it the pinnacle of hardcore. Brandishing a classic Silenced MP-5, Craig can slit your throat and you wouldn’t even find out…all while wearing a Bironi & Presley suit. Now that’s dressed to kill. All he needs to do is to step into a club…straighten his tie…and he can score any female organism on the face of this earth,

Honorable yet humble, he is the prototype of a man’s man and a worthy, if not stellar, choice as the best pick for your man crush.



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