Harman Baweja

21 06 2009

There are the Good, there are the Bad…and then there are the simply Messed Up…AHR takes us through the Wreck of the Week..

Uuggghh…A mere occurence of this guy’s name gives me the shivers. But then again..he did date Priyanka Chopra; which is practically the only reason we bothered to go through with this..to give him a fair chance you see…

Hritik Roshan Lookalike

If, by any chance, you have been living under a rock..Harman Baweja looks strikingly similar to Hritik Roshan (who is a fag btw)…just a lot uglier. He style of acting, hairstyle and even his dance moves are a rip off..which is why this dude gets a thumbs down.

Dated Priyanka Chopra

It is still hard to comprehend why this loser even got to score with her…but after all the hype about the lead couple of his infamous Lovestory 2050 Priyanka and Harman…it is easy to see that it was just to get promotion..and they swiftly parted ways as soon as the movie sunk like a lead balloon

His Movies…

Having starred in 2 overly hyped shitty films (Lovestory 2050 and Victory) Harman has so far failed to make his mark in the industry. 2050 was generally just shit, and while Victory involved an elaborate range of sporting cast (with the likes of Brett Lee, Gilchrist and the England and Indian cricket teams), the movie lacked promise early on…leading to a over-rated failed movie career


Just a one liner to wrap it up…Harman Baweja clearly has no dress sense. Lets compare him with a guy who has a ‘little’ taste in fashion..Daniel Craig!

Harman Baweja Daniel Craig

  • Cheap Rs. 50 Belt Armani Vest
  • Shitty Ed Hardy Ripoff T-Shirt Silk RDx Tie, Matching Pocket
  • Nice Crumpled Jacket… £457 Single Breasted Suit
  • One Hand in Pocket Both Hands in Pockets
  • Hot Not Hot

All in all, Harman Baweja is a complete letdown, using his father’s wealth as a means to gain fame, he has failed miserably is every field imaginable. But just look at his face…isnt it just damn irritating?

Yes..thats exactly what we thought…

Harman Baweja is a Scrotum with Legs



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