21 06 2009

So..the latest trend to hit the streets these days is…..Shorts..

Yes..Shorts!! the apparel which was once considered only for play has founds its way to your wardrobes. It is now acceptable to wear it casually, it seems there is sudden rise of the sales,with each store stocking it.

Sure..wearing shorts is a great way to beat the heat, you can also look good but at the same time we shall follow certain commandments…

-thou shalt not be hairy
rule no-1… if you are extremely hairy then we suggest that you refrain from wearing shorts, not making it any better for you..but one a caveman…it’s a disgusting sight for others

-thou shall wear proper footwear
the most important thing is to teem your shorts with your footwear..wearing formal shoes, athletic trainers and extremely casual shoes are strict no nos..we suggest that you wear pumps, converse or slip ons..refrain from sandals, flip flop can be look great but only for like walk to nearest market, while wearing flip flops ensure your feet are claws n shit..

-thou shall wear only half sleeves
the tops which could be combined with shorts are half sleeves T’s, polos and half sleeves shirts …Never wear a full sleeves shirt, but if you dont have option then roll back your sleeves atleast to above your elbow..and never tuck your top in when wearing shorts..unless you want to be called a faggot

-thou shall wear shorts to specific occasion
only wear shorts to trip to a mall/amusement park with friends or to a friends place…refrain wearing them to night events …and never wear them to someones party unless its by the beach or pool…or you expect to pass out on the street..

-thou shall keep your socks low

keep the socks as plain as possible..remember to keep them to ankle length, never more than that unless you want to be termed as qaint guy from bermuda

All in all..God made the shorts for you to chill..but also the commandments that help you beat the fashion faux pas. Keep your shit clean, looking decent and enjoy the weather!



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