What to Invest In?

22 06 2009

Top Investments

As it has been said, this is the time to buy shakes. The prices are rock bottom and its only going to increase.

The next major bull run is expected in 2014. The Sensex is expected to cross 30000. So if you invest now, you could end up doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your money.

All you need to do is become more aware. Pick up the Business section of any newspaper, have a look at the prices of shares…focus on the 52 week high/low section. This gives the highest and lowest prices attained in an year..the more difference between the two, the better it is. The high price is surely going to be attained in the near future…also think long term. Sell your shares after a year in order to save on taxes. If you have Dollars with you..sell them ASAP because with increased money pumped by FII’s…the price of the Dollar will inadvertently go down. Also…Diversify. Because losses incurred in one sector can be covered up by profit in another.

AHR Hot Shares

Rel Petro -its expected to be worlds largest oil company

Bharti Airtel -its shares are expected to triple by 2015

Suzlon -fastest growing company

*AHR makes every effort to provide its readers with accture Economic policies, prospects and reports..but AHR is not liable for any losses incurred directly or indirectly by investment in recommended shares*



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