The Best Place to Riot

22 06 2009

From time to time, many people have the urge to rebel against the Governing authorities. Be it to burn something down, shoot someone or just a little anarchy…Riots are always welcome.

The Big Question..Where to Riot?

Riots cost money, planning and manpower. Location is the key.

There were several to chose from..North East, Kashmir, Bihar and so on. All have their merits…but the undisputed winner is Bengal.

If you are a rioter, this is the place to be.

Often perceived as home of intellectual people, those engrossed in books and fishes. But contrary to popular belief, recent developments have proved Bengal as the top place to riot.

Which area you ask? Any damn area.

Its the state where most bandhs (closures), protests and ofcourse, riots, happen. You can start a riot just about anywhere. All you have to do is shout some Anti-Government slogan or maybe throw a stone at someone…and sit back to see people get killed, raped , torched , lynched and the like. Some countries call this a bloothbath, but in Bengal they call it recreation.

The interesting part is that each area within Bengal has its own distinct style of rioting. In the Eastern parts, its pretty straight forward…head out in the village with AK -47 and kill everyone. In Kolkata a bit subtle….you hold up traffic, police throws tear gas at you, you torch up a bus or two…thats about it. The most intriguing form is in Silguri, where you protest a car plant by attacking the workers and torching a police station, then you force the company out of there…when the company settles in some other district you protest again by torching a police station.

It can be evidently seen the by far, that if you to start riot or just join an unruly mob…Bengal is the place to be.



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