Approach Techniques At A Club

4 07 2009

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Ah, the clubs and discs — the trusty hangouts where a guy can have a few drinks, show off his dance moves and meet a woman (or two). It’s the default location guys think of when they’re looking to meet a girl because, frankly, it’s a social greet-and-meet where the music plays loudly and hips are bumping and grinding. Of course, you have those friends who think clubs are a waste of time and that there’s “better” places to meet women (never trust anyone who has never made a pickup at a club). However, to a player, clubs are your own backyard, and there’s nothing like playing on home field. Here are a few original approach techniques at a club that will make your pickup a success.

Take charge at a bar

Sometimes when you’re at a club, the crowd is so thick and the buzz is so loud that it’s almost impossible to make your way to the bar, let alone order a drink. Now, imagine how she feels when there’s a bunch of drunks pushing her out of the way to get their sauce and making the rest of us look bad. Here’s your chance to step in. One of the best original techniques at a club is to help her to the front of the bar so you can order her drink for her. If she’s at the front, make sure to “shelter” her from the rest of the pack so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed (an arm around the shoulders or back is always a fine gesture, as long as she seems comfortable). Conversely, buy her drink for her so she doesn’t have to join the rush. You’ve just made the ever-important first move and she’ll thank you for it.

The proxy approach

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, the best way to get women to like you is to show that you have the power of female attraction. And the best way to do that is by surrounding yourselves with other women to make yourself marketable. By doing this, you’re validating yourself as a winner among women — you have something that they like. Conversation, good looks, charm, whatever — the fact is, you’re getting female attention and women love to be seen with the alpha male. You can achieve this by bringing some “wingwomen” with you, such as your best female friends, or you can just ham it up with a personable crowd of women. Remember to drop signals to your target — she’ll feel special that you’ve picked her over all the other lovelies you could have (or at least it seems).

Damsel in distress

Today’s women are strong individuals. They’re assertive, they’re confident and they certainly don’t stand for any guff that idiotic guys try to dump on them. Still, in a club, they have to endure waves of drunk morons who think they have a chance. Enter the player and another tried-and-true original approach technique for a club.

When there’s an obnoxious guy leeching onto a girl, she’s annoyed, disgusted and wants to get the hell out of there. You’ll get that sixth sense when she wants help, so don’t be afraid to move in. Act like you’re an old acquaintance and neutralize the ugliness by pretending to be a longtime friend. Then draw her away from the drunk, paying no attention whatsoever to his sliminess. This is the point where you can take her back to her friends like a gentleman, or make conversation about how you could see that she needed help. Again, she’ll thank you for it, and a phone number is a likely reward.

Help her skip the line

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck waiting to get into a club (assuming you will actually get in). We all dread it and cross our fingers in hopes that we don’t have to wait long (who wants to wait next to boisterous guys or yappy chicks who wear too much cologne or perfume anyways?) Show the group of girls at the back that they’re better than the rest of the lemmings. Use your hookups to get her past the line and walk in with the VIP status. Don’t know the bouncers? Don’t be afraid to tip the bouncer a little to let them skip the line. Consider it an investment in your love life — they’ll love the gesture, and it’s a good way to make that important first contact with your target.

keep up the good work

A player can approach a woman in any social setting, but if you can’t make a pickup at a club, then you’re by no means a player at all. Think of it this way — clubs are good practice to strengthen your game for otherwise normal situations. Use these original approach techniques at a club on a girl when her guard is up to fend off all the other chumps, and find success by getting her phone number. Practice makes perfect, gents.



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