Top 10: Essential Doomsday Items

6 07 2009

The Apocalypse.

End of the World.


Call it whatever you want, but we know its going to happen some day. We all know it. But the recent theories of 2012 coming up, Doomday doesnt seem that far at all. So when it all goes down, AHR is here to help. If you plan to survive, you’ll need a game plan and an assortment of items that will help keep you nourished, safe and, best of all, alive Be sure not to leave your house without these Top 10 Essential Doomsday Items.

10 Doomsday Items

10-Can Opener

Not a fan of cold food? If faced with a doomsday scenario, you might have to get used to it. A simple, hand-powered can opener would give you access to a multitude of canned items on a regular basis — whether you’re taking items off your own shelves or looting still-standing houses or grocery stores. A dinner of cold beans, spaghetti and soup might turn your stomach now, but it could give you much-needed energy after doomsday.

10 Doomsday Items

9-Hiking Boots

Once you’ve driven any car left in one piece until the gas tank’s empty, you’ll find yourself padding the pavement to get from one destination to another. On one hand, you’ll find yourself in great shape, but on the other hand, you’ll suffer from foot blisters unless your feet are in high-quality hiking boots. Sore feet might be the least of your concerns if faced with the apocalypse, but trust us, you’ll want to be comfortable on your travels.

10 Doomsday Items

8-Medical Handbook

You’ll be roughing it after doomsday, and it’s almost certain that you’ll hurt yourself at times. When that happens, you won’t be able to call your doctor for advice, so you’ll have to learn how to treat a variety of ailments yourself. A reliable medical handbook can help you deal with everything from making a sling for a broken arm to building a splint for a sprained finger.

10 Doomsday Items

7-Entrenching Tool/Weapon

Why carry around a saw, a weapon and a shovel when you can simply use a U.S. Army-issue entrenching tool? You’ve seen soldiers with these folding shovels strapped to their backs, and come doomsday, you’ll need to add one of these to your arsenal. Made of durable steel, this item will help you dig holes and cut trees for shelter (it has a serrated edge), and because it’s heavy, you can swing it as a weapon if you need to.

10 Doomsday Items

6-Space Blanket

When doomsday rolls around, there’s no guarantee that your house — or anyone else’s, for that matter — will be left standing. Given the uncertain housing situation, you’ll want to make sure that come nightfall, you have a place to hunker down. A warm space blanket would keep you comfortable regardless of how low the mercury drops, unless you’re in Antarctica. A good space blanket is lightweight and thin, meaning you’ll be able to keep it strapped to your back during the day.

10 Doomsday Items


You may have learned to read a compass back when you were a boy, and you’d be thanking your lucky stars for this fact if you found yourself a survivor of doomsday. An apocalypse would change the scenery around you in the blink of an eye, and with your GPS left unusable, you’d need to figure out how to get around. Even without a map, a compass in the hands of a knowledgeable user will help that person get around.

10 Doomsday Items

4-Crank Powered Flashlight

The streetlights won’t be lit after doomsday, and you’ll get tired of walking around and bumping into things after the sun goes down. Equipping yourself with a flashlight would be a smart move, and given that batteries probably won’t be at your disposal following doomsday, we’d suggest going with a crank-powered model.

10 Doomsday Items


In the event that doomsday takes place in the summer, staying warm will be the least of your concerns, but depending on where you’re located, you’ll need a heat source come winter and a way to cook food. Since you’re probably not ready to go Bear Grylls and light a fire by rubbing two sticks together, a big box of wooden matches would be a helpful item to carry. Matches are light, they don’t take up a lot of space and they are very handy when you’re treating yourself to a hot meal or just building a fire for warmth.

10 Doomsday Items

2-Swiss Army Knife

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ll know that when the world ends, fierce creatures aren’t far behind. To stay alive, you’ll have to resort to the tactics of our forefathers and carry a knife at all times. In fact, the Swiss Army knife has a dual purpose: for protection and for hunting any animals you encounter. A good Swiss Army knife will be equipped with a small saw, scissors, files, and tweezers, making it a must-have item.

10 Doomsday Items

1-Water-Purifying Canteen

Clean water will likely be at a premium after the apocalypse, and with all the trekking and physical exertion you’ll be doing, staying hydrated will be imperative. A water-purifying canteen is essential; simply fill it with water from any river or lake and its internal filter will remove toxins and viruses, making it completely drinkable. Buy one with a belt loop, and keep it on your person at all times.



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