Bollywood Sex Scandals

7 07 2009

Even before Shiney Ahuja, there were a multitude of Bollywood stars who have had to face accusations, be it true or untrue, of either rape or sexual molestations cases.

Much like a Bollywood movie itself, where sex and rape are rampant within the plotline…some of these seem to have made their way across the barrier. To provide you with the ‘who’s alleged with what’, AHR is here to help.

Madhur Bhandarkar and Preeti Jain

Approximately 4 years ago, acclaimed director Madhur Bhandarkar was pulled up into the court. A struggling model, Preeti Jain had accused Bhandarkar of rape.

Anupam Kher and Mamta Kulkarni

As versatile actor who played both comedy and serious roles, even Anupam Kher wasnt spared from the dirty deeds list. A few years ago, according to Film Monthly, Kher had tried to molest Mamta Kulkarni’s sister.

Jackie Shroff and Tabu

Even actors such as Jackie Shroff has had to face such allegations. Film actress Farha Naaz quoted in a news article that ‘Jackey tried to molest her 15 year old sister, Tabu’.

Aditya Pancholi and Pooja Bedi

During the 80’s, actor Aditya Pancholi was caught up in an accusation of raping girlfriend Pooja Bedi’s 16 year old maid. After that allegation, Pooja Bedi ended up parting ways with Pancholi. And the recent case of Shiney Ahuja, who was accused of similar crimes, Pooja Bedi was quoted stating her memories of the incident. Pooja advised Shiney Ahuja’s wife that she should decide wisely about her relationship with Shiney.

Rajesh Khanna and Ameeta

70’s superstar Rajesh Khanna was also listed in Bollywood’s black history. Yesteryears actress Ameeta’s 15 year old daughter Sabiha accused Rajesh Khanna of molesting her. This indicent made the headlines for quite some time.

It is clear that within the Bollywood industry, history seems to repeat itself. Even though people might forget about the indicents after a while, it certainly shows that the ‘heroes’ they are played out to be…arent really heroes after all.



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