Indian Engineering=Shit

13 07 2009


You heard it right. Absolute shit. If you have been living in a hole for the past week, let AHR shed some light.

The site where a pillar supporting a new bridge for the Delhi metro collapsed

The Collapse

Five workers were crushed to death and 13 others injured when a section of a bridge being built to carry Delhi’s metro trains collapsed.

The accident happened near the Greater Kailash neighbourhood where a 2.5-mile metal cantilever was being raised to attach to a long section of concrete girders, all of which tumbled down in a V-shape pile.

Three workers died at the scene and two died later at hospital. Two of the injured workers are in a serious condition. The area was cordoned off after the accident early this morning as cranes worked to clear rubble and reopen the road underneath.

Who is Responsible?

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan-Managing Director of the Delhi Metro resigned. Though it is not his fault. So now we dont know who is responsible….

Cranes collapsed

The Cranes

A day after this incident, where 5 people were killed, at least four persons are injured in another accident at the same site during the clearance of the debris.

Three cranes, lifting a launcher that was entangled in the crumbled section of a collapsed bridge, toppled in south Delhi’s Jamrudpur area, the site accident, causing injuries to four persons.

The launcher also came down along with the two cranes when its wires snapped and collapsed, eyewitnesses said. They said they saw police taking away those injured from the site soon after the mishap.

Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal said only one crane had toppled. Police have cordoned off the area and are trying to ascertain if there is anybody trapped in the debris, the eyewitnesses said.

The Verdict

Reports are now coming in from AHR’s Science Department, of intruments recording intense concentration of ‘bullshit activity‘ within the area.

What is happening to this country. IIT entrance requirement scores are through the roof, and what they produce is engineers of this calibre? In simple terms, for all the so called ‘engineers’ out there; this is called BULLSHIT. Who in their right minds brings out a 2.4 tonne piece of equipment that doesnt do the job. Not just one, but three. Now they say they need to bring in more cranes with higher load capacity.

It may be the construction, it may be the materials, it may just be ignorance…

There is no need to reach the pinnacle of retardation. And as you can see, the Bullshit Detector is going off the chart.

These textbook loving, calculator fondling pieces of crap engineers need to lift their game.



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