Science vs Commerce-The Showdown

22 07 2009

The BIG Question. Science or Commerce. For centuries, this elusive puzzle has remained unanswered. But does one really trump the other? A war between the two factions is imminent, and AHR shall provide you with an up-to-date scenario of the battle field.


The one, the only, the irrefutable, Science. From the core of the earth to the outmost reaches of space, Science has always been the answer. But does Physics, Chemistry and Biology have an upper hand?

As far as we know, they do infact. A facebook group, aptly named “Hail Science” was launched, giving them a much needed lead above the number  crunching Commerce.

Join Hail Science- CLICK HERE


Where would we be without money. Enough said. But career wise, in this dog-eat-dog world, has Commerce become a clichè? Has the recession really taken its toll on the future of those studying Economics and the like? Only time will tell.

Nothing has been heard so far from the Commerce sector, and we assume that they’re still trying to get their calculator working….



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