Kanye West a Faggot?

15 09 2009

He calls himself the voice of a generation.

A lyrical wordsmith.

Possibly has ego issues after this stunt?

You be the judge….

Why Kanye…Why?

AHR can tell you why.

Kanye West, at about 22 hundred hours, while at the VMA Awards, suffered a cerebral aneurism. The cause of this is that Mr West suffered a mental breakdown (coupled with downing shots of Vodka and smoking Cigars  a bit too much)…after just realising that his girlfriend is bald.

That could mean that when she goes down on him, he can just close his eyes and imagine its a man.

Shocking..but true.



3 responses

15 09 2009

such a piece of shit

22 10 2009

Kanye is a total faggot, even without this stunt everyone knows it. Thinks is the the voice of generation? Well its sure not my voice or this generation, he can fuck off.

17 11 2010
Beverage Dispenser

you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson :-,

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