Top 10 Signs that Show You Need to Commit Suicide

4 10 2009

There are times in life when one should seek help. You aren’t feeling the best and things are just not going your way.

But sometimes…you should just let go. AHR advises on when the time is right…to just pull the trigger…or someone else will do it for you

10-You Have an Ancient Hairstyle

9-You Look Homosexual…But You are Not

8-Your Looks are the Same as When You Were 11

7-Your Failed Suicide Attempt Has Brought You Nothing But Ridicule and A Broken Leg

6-You Fantasize About Falling 6 Stories To the Ground

5-You Failed in Every Subject

4-You Lost Your Virginity to Your Dog

3-Your Hobby is to Cut Yourself and Post Pictures on Facebook

2-You Listen to Death Metal

1-You Think Having a Mental Disorder is the Coolest Thing Ever



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