Cop Bleeds to Death: No One Helps

9 01 2010

This, by far, has to be the roughest shit I have seen in a long time. Rather than me trying to explain it, the official report from NDTV is as follows:

Caution: This post may contain profane language and graphic content

The News Report:

A policeman, R Vetrivel, in Tamil Nadu lies on the road begging for help. The 44-year-old’s legs have been chopped off by gangsters.
A government convoy passes by this part of Tirunelvelli. It includes two ministers  – for Sports and Health – in the Tamil Nadu government. The convoy stops.  Neither of the ministers step out of their cars. With them are bureaucrats – a Collector and a Health Secretary.
The Collector, M Jayaraman, finally gets out of his car after dithering for eight minutes. But nobody offers to take the wounded inspector to hospital. Finally, the Collector phones for an ambulance. It doesn’t arrive.
Twenty minutes later, the cop is placed in one of the cars (the ministers still don’t offer theirs). The policeman dies en route to the hospital.
After the ambulance drives away, the Health Minister finally gets out of his car.  When contacted later for a comment, he angrily asks the NDTV correspondent to leave him alone.
Tamil Nadu’s Health Minister is M. R. K. Panneerselvam. The Minister for Environment and Sports is Thiru T. P. M. Mohideen Khan.


How sick do you have the be…really. A convoy of vehicles, who as stopped, calmly stare down at the guy who is missing his fucking legs!

The three men identified are District Collector (centre), Health Minister (far left) and Sports Minister (centre right). Surrounded by at least 20 other people; none of them, at all, even came close to help that injured cop.

These fat cunts would rather relaxingly sit back in their cars, than to offer help to a man bleeding to death.

Possible Solution: Some one should have kept a damn pot of curry next to the injured guy and these obese fuckheads would come running.

Was He Worst Saving?

You might be asking, that was that guy even worth saving? I mean, he was an Indian policeman. Characteristically, cops (or thullas) in the nation of India Do NOT have a Soul, have No Moral, Ethical or Social values whatsoever, feed off corruption and loopholes in the legal system, and usually aren’t even classified as human.

But still, though this might contradict the last line (it was said in sarcasm), as one individual to another, are they so fucking devoid of humanity that they refuse to even apporach a man dying in duty.

It makes me fucking sick to even think about it.

This honestly has to be one of my many reasons not to travel to India anytime soon.

The Footage

If you want to continue this article further, the original news reports and footage can be found on the following sites:

NDTV Footage

Cop’s Death: Minister refuses charge

After apathy, no remorse

Warning: The following clip is the uncensored version of the original news reports, and contains graphic images. Not suitable for kids and those with a weak stomach.



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