Avatar 3D kills a guy!

27 01 2010

A short conversation between director James Cameron and Peter Jackson.

Jackson: So James, how is Avatar doing?

Cameron: It’s going quite well…

Jackson: You know, District 9 actually got nominated for a Golden Globe.

Cameron: Yeah? Well my movie killed a guy.

Jackson: *starts to weep*

If you have not seen Avatar, go see it.

Right now.

It has to be, the best looking movie, ever. Once you snuggle up in your movie seat at the theatres…and put your 3D glasses on…till when the credits start to roll. One and only one word would come to mind: Amazing. The movie looks absolutely, and truly amazing.

But apart from all the credits and accolades it has recieved, of Golden Globes, provoking civil unrest, inducing suicidal thoughts…this movie probabily is the only one that can boast a rather weird sort of award: of killing a guy.

According to AFP: a 42-year old Taiwanese cinema goer, named Kuo, who has a history of high blood pressure…suffered a stroke while watching the film in the northern city of Hsinchu.

3D entertainment to the next level.

He was taken to hospital unconscious, where a scan revealed “his brain was haemorrhaging”. He died 11 days later. Emergency room Doctor Peng Chin-chih reported: “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms.”

The China Times reported that the incident represented “the first death linked to watching James Cameron’s science-fiction epic”.

(Cameron, left, and actor Sam Worthington, right)

This would definitely be the icing on the cake for Cameron’s legendary movie by this rather legendary achievement.



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