It’s been a while….

9 04 2010

We know..we know. It’s been a while. But honestly speaking, we haven’t really had any time to work on our usual bullshit.

We could’ve come up with some half-hearted bullshit…but then again…that just wouldn’t cut it. So rather than posting up some random as story sharked from someone else, we just thought we’d give you some insight into what’s actually going on.

Rather than telling you who we are, we’re going to stick with the old Jekyll and Hyde story.

My friend, Jekyll (cause he’s the nicer one of the two) and me, Hyde (cause I’m supposedly the ‘cunt’ one), finished high school a few weeks ago. We are now off to start University, which most say is the best part of one’s life. I don’t think that’ll be the case with the two of us. You see, he’s off to do Engineering in some Ivy league Uni and I’m in Medicine down under in Australia. Exactly..thats what we thought.

We kinda started this whole AHR thingo as a sort of a joke. It wasn’t meant to be famous or get us paid or anything, but just as a joke. Hoping that we could someday get somewhere with this, but at the moment, this seems unlikely. The thing is, neither of us has a lot of time to put up our usual bullshit, and neither of us wants to make it a personal blog-where we rant on about our sad..sad lives. Haha. No..but seriously.

So this is sort of an apology to the very few sick, twisted, perverted people with cognitive impairment who actually enjoyed reading our stuff. We never really knew you, nor did you never really know us…but I guess there was some sorta ‘love’ between us right? Na..we didnt think so either. But hey..this is what goodbyes are all about. The usual mushy wushy stuff.

Enough of that. So yeah, we might not be able to continue this..or we might. Who knows. We’ve had a good run.





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