Welcome to the AHR Store and Service Centre

AHR is not just a brand… it’s a one stop everything shop! Why not try one of our Service packages, or visit the Store for head to toe apparel, accessories, weapons, drugs and hard goods. You name it… AHR does it.

AHR Store


-Due to Legal Restrictions and other Bullshit of that Nature-

AHR Store is Unavaliable in your Country

We Apologise for the Inconvenience


AHR Services


The Best of the Best

No matter what the hour, AHR is there to answer the requests of Platinum Service holders. From organising your next cocaine shipment in Cuba to getting a date after she’s rejected you multiple times, no job is too big or too small. Go enjoy more.



Simply Classic

The Gold Package is your connection to experiences that money-can’t-buy. Be it backstage passes, inside information or specialist advice. We have a range of special privileges just for you. And with all the support of AHR, all you need do is enjoy yourself without getting arrested.



Enjoy the Privileges

We always do our best to take care of you. Want to hire a private yacht in Fiji? Not a problem, it’s done. Need tickets to a show in Broadway? They’ll be waiting for you at the door. How about a new restaurant just down the road? We know the perfect one. All it takes is the AHR Silver Service Package.


Gift Certificates

Feeling rather nice today? For that special someone in mind, AHR provides a Gift Service Option…making it a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary and everything else in between.


AHR Merchant Services Provided by PayPal. Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express accepted. Western Union, Discover and Bank Cards subject to their respective shipping and transaction fees.

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