AHR Domain

The same site, the same stuff and the same shit…AHR is now available on a private domain. New, improved and faster than ever. ahrinfinity.co.nr (or click the image below)

Hmmm..what does .co.nr stand for? Could AHR really originate from a remote down in Nicaragua? The Answer to this Dilemma is: NO…“.co.nr” was avaliable..and it was cheap!. Hey…don’t blame us for being crummy..its called financial planning in times of recession.

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These two guys, while doing lines of cocaine in some obscure frontier town of Punjab, decided that why the hell not start a company because they had views about everything , hence AHR was born

Its main aim is to help you out from trivial issues like incestuous divorces to bigger issues like genital herpes.

We have 8 sections to cater to your needs

Top 10the finest of our fortnightly lists..about riots, hot trends etcs
Lifewe discuss your career, politics and other intellectual stuff
Xesread it backwards…enough said
Gamesports, steriods and the like
.Incall monetary matters , stock investing and drug deals
Narcofor all your drug needs..we’ll get you plastered
Riotthe archives of violence..bombs, bricks and blood
LocLeft Out Centre..for that shit just doesnt matter
?any queries or ideas? we’ll clear all doubts


What does AHR stand for you ask???

We own the company and even we dont know..

The Code of AHR

AHR is devoid of humanity, morality, pity, and mercy.

AHR works as one, because none of us are as cruel as all of us.

AHR cannot be harmed, no matter how many AHR may fall in battle.

AHR doesn’t fall in battle, anyway.

AHR only undertakes Serious Business.

AHR is the enemy of AHR.

AHR is everyone.

AHR is everywhere.

AHR cannot be out-numbered, AHR out-numbers you.

AHR is a hydra, constantly moving, constantly changing. Remove one head, and nine replace it.

AHR reinforces its ranks exponentially at need.

AHR has no weakness or flaw.

AHR likes cats.

AHR exploits all weaknesses and flaws.

AHR has neither leaders nor anyone with any higher stature.

AHR doesn’t have a family or friends.

AHR is your family and friends.

AHR is not your friend.

AHR is not your personal army.

AHR is in control at all times.

AHR does not accept failure, AHR delivers.

AHR has no identity.

AHR cannot be betrayed.

AHR doesn’t give a fuck about any one member’s problems.

AHR is so hard, its solid.

AHR is humanity.

AHR is proof that humanity as a whole is absolutely insane.

AHR are created as equals.

AHR is a choice.

AHR is a mass of basement dwellers.

AHR can, will, and has already done everything you can think of.

AHR is an unstoppable force.

If AHR must have a name, his name is David.

AHR obeys the Code.

AHR can win a battle against God with no effort

AHR is said to have better judgment than God.

AHR is everything wrong and everything that is right in the world

AHR is a legion.

AHR does not forgive.

AHR does not forget.

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