Obsolete Shoes?

7 02 2010

At the beginning of the fine year of 2009 saw the rise of the high tops.

Yes..the high tops.

Sort of like these Puma First Rounds.

Comfy-Yes. Supportive-Yes. Elegant-Perhaps Not. Gangsta-More So. They didn’t have the finesse of a tailored Armani suit, but they got the job done. Primarily used for basketball I suppose, they sort of changed into less chunky and more fashionable shoes during the start of the year.

And soon following suit were the even more ‘trimmed down’ versions of these, the Kanye West LV’s.

Much more slimmer than the original sneakers, they were at that time the most sought after accessory in every fashion junkie’s arsenal. But sure enough, like all things Kanye, this too died down.

Then came the mighty and awe-inspiring era of the Plimsoll.

Available in various designs and colours (from checked plaid to the ever useful grey), with the faithful Plimsoll one could never wrong. Elegant beyond belief, these started to take over the later half of 2009, fuelled by their ubiquitous presence in European fashion houses and at the infallable TopMan.com.

One might think that these beauties might never fade away, but one would be wrong. Such is life, and suddenly with the onset of the new decade-the Plimsoll has been shat upon by the retro legend of the: Boat Shoe.

Pure and Simple: Legend

These bring forth the inner sea-faring buccaneer within all of us. It truly does. Standing on the deck of your latest 60 meter catamaran, the salty ocean air blowing through your open Hawaiian shirt. It completes you.

It seems to have some sort of unkempt and ruffian sort of look about it. But that might just be the most appealing part. The shear ‘uncaring’ aura about it is the basis of the Boat Shoe’s magnetism. Oh everybody can buy pointy shoes, but do you have the balls to wear these outside in public and not give a fuck? Thats what this is all about: a mind game.

We prefer a rather lighter, possible like the beige above, felt colour to truly add inches to your genitals (figuratively…not literally). The Plimsoll’s reign of terror is finally over…



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