Finally Proven: Indian claims of Racist Australia: Bullshit!

25 01 2010

By now, you most probabily have heard, seen or read about the over sensationalized story of a 29-year old Indian male was “set ablaze by four unidentified attackers” in the Essendon suburb of Melbourne.

The victim was admitted to hospital and was later stated to be in a ‘non critical’ condition.

Melbourne Indian Jaspreet Singh, 29, was set on fire

News Reports:

The gruesome attack on Jaspreet Singh in the early hours of Saturday took place a week after Nitin Garg, a 21-year-old Indian student, was fatally stabbed in Melbourne, provoking India to renew its warning to the Australian authorities to ensure the security of its students.

Singh was attacked in Essendon while he was parking his car in the northwestern part of Melbourne shortly before 2.00 a.m. He is said to be in a stable condition in Alfred Hospital with burns to 20 percent of his body.

Police were told that Singh had dropped his wife home and gone to park his car after a dinner party when he was attacked in Grice Crescent.

According to the police, as Singh was getting out of the car, four men attacked him, pushed him back against the vehicle and poured an unidentified fluid on him. One of the men then ignited the fluid with a lighter and all four attackers fled, The Age newspaper said.

The victim reportedly ran from the car while peeling off his clothes.

Racism You Say?

Well, in our humble opinion: This is fucking Bullshit!

The Truth: After investigation by the Federal Australian Police, reports have later emerged stating that Jaspreet Singh’s story just ‘didn’t add up’. Multiple statements were made in front of the media stating that Jaspreet Singh was trying to set fire to his own car in an insurance fraud but accidentally set himself alight.

Newspapers; The Australian and the Courier Mail, lead with a headline of “Indian’s Injuries Raises Questions” and have run with the line that “police are investigating all possible causes of the fire, including that Mr Singh lit the fire himself.” They also suggest that Police Commissioner Simon Overland would not speculate on whether Singh lit the fire himself.

Victoria Police were very quick to rule out racism and have already publicy stated that the case was very strange and unusual. They also appear to be concerned that they have been unable to locate clothes Mr Singh said that he tore off himself as he ran.

Icing on the Cake:

Figuratively speaking, the icing on the cake in this scenario was the immediate ‘flare up’ by Indian Politics. Most noticeably done External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, who went to the extent of questioning Australia’s capability as an educational destination.

What now, SM Krishna?

On a different note, would you really trust anything coming from the mouth of this guy after seeing the picture below….?

There have also been reports that due to these recent attacks, the security of the Australian Cricket players might be under threat. What the fuck kind of premise is that? 2 rather shady and psuedo-truthful cases and one that is obviously bullshit of racially motivated attacks..and you hand out threat’s to Australian nationals? Now that is just taking tit-for-tat too far. Its fucking borderline terrorism.

Now what wrong has Brett Lee done to deserve such treatment?

Maybe More?

This case may not be the only one. As the age old saying goes: there is no smoke without fire. The obvious outcome of this case might shed light to other such recent ‘racially motivated attacks’ against Indian students in Australia.

Well, that’s it from us…you be the judge.

But as for now..nothing better than how Brett Lee puts it: Bite Me!



3 responses

25 01 2010
trevor dunen

I read with interest the various pieces of evidence pertaining to the Indian man who was allegedly set on fire by a group of four men on Saturday in Essendon. I would say this man is now in serious trouble with the law. The minimal burns he received- only 15% and only on his chest arms and face and also the car catching alight would seem to indicate more that he was committing insurance fraud by burning his own car and accidently set himself alight. What group of four people would attack somebody by pouring petrol over them and lighting them and then throwing them into the car, it is easy to stab or bash than go to such a complicated means like burning to harm somebody for no reason and in such a planned and deliberate way yet the means of hurnting the person was so amateur with a high risk to the offenders, I smell a rat?

25 01 2010

that sounds about right to me. this story didnt make much sense from the start. four people attacked him while carrying around a flamable liquid? Who carries that around on the off chance they could attack someone. No. How much insurance did singh expect to get? He might get himself a stiff jail penalty..

25 01 2010

so fuckin false

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